Spray as much as needed, as little as possible.

Clean fields every time, with maximum herbicide savings.


The best of precision tech, digital tools and agronomic intelligence in ONE simple solution

Superior Precision

  • High resolution cameras detect weeds and activate nozzles in milliseconds
  • Exceptional Green-on-Green1) & Green-on-Brown2) performance
  • >95% application accuracy, comparable to broadcast
  • LED lighting: 24/7 Day & Night spraying

1) Green-on-Green: Post-emergence
2) Green-on-Brown: Pre-emergence

Agronomic Intelligence

  • Customized agronomic recommendations
  • Intelligent sensitivity levels for each crop

Digital Tools

  • Maps for weed coverage, weed size classes and as-applied
  • Track your savings in real time
  • Automated documentation & reporting data

Integration & Support

  • Integrated with sprayer at manufacture = perfect integration
  • Agronomic & technical support when you need it
  • Quality you can trust by Bosch & BASF


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Smart weed control as easy as 1, 2, 3!


First, define your farm’s needs into the xarvio® ONE SMART SPRAY module in any device.

Receive customized herbicide strategy recommendations, including what product, when and how much to spray and select sensitivity levels.

When ready, just transfer the task to the system on the sprayer. No internet connection needed!

Spray & Save

During application, cameras scan the field in front of the sprayer’s boom as it runs, detecting weeds in milliseconds.

In combination with the system’s agronomic intelligence, each nozzle is activated only where needed, enabling maximum herbicide savings while maintaining the desired weed control.


After spraying, the data will be automatically transferred to xarvio® ONE SMART SPRAY module.

The module processes the data from the cameras to generate digital maps: you can easily see where weeds are growing and how big they are, monitor resistant weeds and increase operational efficiency.

All application data is documented for easy future reference and reporting. It’s that simple!

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